AirPaq uses ordinary air in a multi-chambered bag coupled with single valve technology for individual cell cushioning. Using co-extruded recyclable film (#4 LDPE) it provides for shock and vibration protection over a wide loading range, withstanding temperature and altitude extremes. Individual cushion cells ensure the integrity of the cushion is not compromised if one cell is punctured.

AirPaq offers substantial cost savings versus traditional foam plastic, plastic film/corrugated, or vacuum formed plastic cushions. It uses less energy to manufacture, less raw materials, is volumetrically smaller and uses 100% recyclable materials.

AGS manufactures and supplies standard and custom-made boxes in all styles and sizes to protect, ship and store your product.

Our capabilities include:

  • Small / Large production runs
  • Multi colour printing
  • Gluing, stitching, taping
  • Corrugated inserts
  • Single, Double and Triple-wall board
  • Ship boxes Flat / Assembled
  • 100% recyclable and traceable to FSC-certified forests, Fibre/Core provides a lighter, sustainable alternative to wood. It weighs up to 50% less than wood and can substitute wood where performance is vital but the use of wood is restricted, e.g. ISPM15 compliance. It is safer/easier to handle and can be processed with traditional wood equipment. Users benefit from material cost reductions, package weight reduction and freight savings.

    Providing an alternative to paper pulp, foam and corrugated cushioning, Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. Bamboo.

  • is capable of growing 24”/day
  • doesn’t require pesticides or fertilisers
  • absorbs 5 times more CO2 than trees and produces 35% more oxygen
  • is certified for both recyclability and compostability
  • is available that is REACH, RoHS and FDA 21CFR175-177 compliant.
  • can be harvested without killing the plant
  • poles mature in 4-7 years, compared to 30-50 for hardwood trees
  • When FSC certified, waterways, wildlife habitat and species are protected. Indigenous Peoples’ rights are respected and local people are involved in forest management. Most of the water used in the pulping process is reclaimed and rice hull (waste from rice harvesting) is what fuels the process.

    AGS produces a wide range of interior Foam cushioning, custom-made to ensure your product is fully protected from the effects of handling and transport.

    Our capabilities include:

  • PE, PU, Anti-static and Specialized foam types
  • Variety of colours
  • 1.7lb – 6lb densities
  • Die-cutting
  • Heat welding and gluing
  • Assembling & Packing
  • AGS takes the headache out of packaging by providing your essentials in full, including all ancillary packaging needs such as:

  • Labels
  • Tapes
  • Bubble wrap / Bubble bags
  • Ziplock bags
  • Tip’n’tells
  • ESD bags
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Edge protectors
  • etc.
  • Whether you’re shipping your pet, a delicate piece of fine art, or numerous pieces of heavy industrial machinery, AGS creates the best packaging solution for your shipment. We design and manufacture custom wooden packaging for any item to any size, and will come on-site to securely pack your product if desired. Crates, skids, pallets and trade show exhibit stands are made up of plywood, timber and/or foam cushioning. Barrier bagging can be provided to further protect against moisture. All timber is heat-treated and bark-free for export to anywhere in the world.

    unpackaging2unpackaging As part of our expanding range of specialist products, Atlas supply standard and custom made dangerous goods packaging, commonly known as UN Packaging.

    Whether transported by air, sea, rail or road we can supply 4G/4GV packaging to suit your requirements.

    See below standard sizes: