AGS Announces Ownership Stake in Montcorr Packaging

AGS Announces Ownership Stake in Montcorr Packaging

Posted Date : 19 Nov, 2014

AGS Announces Ownership Stake in Montcorr Packaging

Sutton, MA – April 24, 2014

AGS, is pleased to announce an ownership share purchase of Montcorr Packaging, Inc. effective April 24th, 2014. AGS is a recognized leader in the packaging industry and joins the existing shareholders of Montcorr Packaging, Inc., who specializes in the supply of corrugated sheets.

Both AGS and Montcorr Packaging strive to provide its customers with the highest levels of craftsmanship, dependable service, and consistent quality. Continuous efforts by both companies will enableAGS to produce high quality products and expand its ability to contribute to the packaging industry beyond our current skill set.

“We could not be more excited to announce our new ownership stake in Montcorr Packaging. This strategic share purchase will further vertically integrate the AGS supply chain, ensuring the stability of supply regarding corrugated sheets, while expanding the range of product offerings to our customers.,” Arthur Mahassel, President/CEO AGS

Expanding and adapting to meet the needs of its present and future customers, AGS currently operates 7 facilities globally, with more to come. While each AGS facility is locally managed, all activity is overseen from our world headquarters in Sutton, Massachusetts.

About Montcorr Packaging

Montcorr was founded when Hans G. Koch brought together a group of manufacturers for the purpose of establishing a joint facility specializing in the production of corrugated sheets. By pooling their resourcesand going exclusively through Montcorr to meet their needs, they realized they could benefit from much greater stability in terms of supply, price, quality and delivery – and pass these advantages along to their customers.

Initially, the group was run out of an 80,000-square-foot facility equipped with an 87-inch (220 cm) Isowa corrugator. Montcorr kicked off operations in March 1989, and commercial production was in full swing by October. Ongoing investments over the years have helped the company stay at the cutting edge of technology. The plant eventually expanded to 100,000 square feet to meet the needs of its loyal, ever-growing and ever-diversifying customer base.

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