AGS Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency 2013

AGS knows a thing or two about protection. In business since 1988, AGS designs and manufactures packaging products that help industrial and high-tech manufacturers get their own products out safely and dependably. Thanks to AGS’ commitment to energy conservation, both natural resources and the company’s bottom line are protected as well.

Only two years after building their new Sutton, MA facility, the company took bold steps to reduce operating costs. It was the beginning of a company-wide approach that has already seen a 55% reduction in electricity consumption. AGS accomplished this by implementing multi-measure retrofits of two producing and warehousing facilities. that included compressed air improvements, premium efficiency vacuum pumps and converting from HID to intelligent LED light fixtures. All of these measures will save more than 1 million kilowatt-hours.

“These projects provide great financial and environmental benefits as they lower our costs and demonstrate our commitment to reducing carbon emissions,” said AGS GPE Manager Frank Tavares.

The upgrades pushed the envelope as well. The compressed air system was sub-metered to fully map the demand and supply side options; the resulting measures took simple leak repair and added specific pressure reductions and timed shutoffs to drastically cut consumption. Similarly, AGS committed to LED lighting at a time when LEDs are still uncommon in warehousing and production areas.

National Grid’s incentives helped reduce upgrade costs, and on-bill repayment enabled savings to pay for the improvements, rather than requiring large capital expenditures.

Future HVAC-related upgrades include rooftop unit controls, process system improvements, outdoor lighting and dock door sealing, all designed to cut electricity and natural gas consumption even further.

When it comes to energy savings, AGS is one company that consistently thinks outside the box.

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